The most luxurious hideaways in Spain

Buildings with a history and great architectonical value, each one featuring the personal and unique characteristics of the area.

A true paradise for nature lovers at our estates and villas.


Only the Best:

A collection of luxury estates and villas bursting with character

We have the most outsanding estates in Spain, offering all the privacy and discretion that our guests expect.


Private and exclusive estates & villas with 6-star hotel like service. Guests will enjoy the most exquisite level of attention provided by their own household staff.

Our private estates are located in unique natural surroundings. As a result, our guests will live the experience of truly special and unforgettable moments, while immersed in the beauty of the spectacular views of the countryside. 

Get to know the other side of Spain: its history, tradition, modernity and exclusivity.

Estates and villas to rent in Spain

Privacy, luxury, discretion, uniqueness and excellence in every detail

To become a part of Unique Private Estates, our estates & villas must fulfil some important requirements.

First, we give the outmost importance to the privacy and discretion that each venue must offer to our guests. Then, we study and value the style and the personality of each one of the houses as well as the beauty of their surroundings. We will only select very special estates and villas that convey and reflect the personality of the area of Spain where they are located.  And, of course, to be a part of Unique Private Estates it is essential that exquisite care is given to each and every detail so that guests receive the most exclusive and personal service that is to be provided by the houses’ own staff.

Our aim is to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding clients by offering them an unforgettable, special and unique experience.